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Studying in Canada is a dream of many people around the world, but many students also think that this dream can not be achieved despite the dream on the ground, I personally believe that something as long as possible can be achieved no matter how difficult as long as the owner seeks it.

Today we will learn together about the costs of studying in Canada, the cost of living in Canada, how to get a Canadian study visa, free study in Canada, and the best colleges and universities in Canada you can use to complete your studies in Canada.

Study visa in Canada:

Learning to study in Canada is the first step to knowing the requirements for travel and preparing for it financially, and then to identify the requirements for travel documents such as university admission, after selecting the appropriate Canadian university or university and then working to meet these requirements.

Study costs in Canada between Ratio and Proportionality:

Some may think that I am exaggerating when I say that the cost of studying in Canada is much cheaper than in many other countries, the quality of Canadian education is not less than something like the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Australia, and others, although the universities in Canada always rank among the best universities in the world.

I will give a brief overview of the cost of studying in Canada at some universities at the undergraduate level of the level or the first stage, and the costs of studying in Canada for graduate studies, as follows:

First Year Undergraduate:


  • The University of Toronto has an annual tuition fee of $ 23,000 to $ 26,000. The University of Toronto is one of the oldest and best universities in Canada and worldwide.
  • The University of Montreal’s annual tuition fees are from 14 to 16 thousand dollars.
  • The University of Alberta has an annual tuition fee of $ 17,000 to $ 19,000.

Postgraduate fees in Canada:


  • The University of Toronto has an annual tuition fee of $ 14,000 to $ 16,000.
  • The University of Montreal annual tuition fees are from 11 to 13 thousand dollars.
  • The University of Alberta has an annual tuition fee of $ 7,000 to $ 9,000.

These are some fees for some Canadian universities, and these fees may vary from year to year, and in the next lines I will list some universities in Canada and ways to communicate with them to learn about the conditions and fees of study at these universities

Study in Canada for Free:

Many people ask this question either through comments or through e-mail to the site and the question of how to study in Canada for free, and this question has two answers to me as follows:

1. Access to asylum in Canada This gives the right to study and education free of charge in Canada.
2. Obtaining one of the scholarships offered by the Canadian institutes or universities where the university bears the cost of studying in Canada or bears the university fees.

Cost of living in Canada:

We must agree that the costs of living, living and living in Canada vary from city to city and from place to place within the city and from one means to another. For example, the cost of living in a private apartment other than the cost of living in a shared apartment other than the cost of accommodation in a hotel and so on, the approximate cost is as follows:

1 _ Accommodation in a shared apartment with a number of students is good and have a two-room apartment with all facilities from $ 1000 to $ 1,500 per month.

2 _ rent your own apartment This will make you pay the cost of the apartment alone, and this option may be favored by people of affluent situation, as I said the value of rent the apartment is based on the location of the apartment and its area and some other things.

3 _ Accommodation in a hotel is a very expensive option, especially in five-star hotels, which may cost up to $ 250 a night, which is an option that you should avoid if you are looking for a simple life and also looking for savings.

4 _ The fourth option, which is my favorite option and the best in my view is to live in a shared apartment with a Canadian family, by renting your own room with the use of all apartment facilities, whether kitchen or bathroom or similar and sometimes the food is also shared, and this person earns many Great things like:

  • Strengthen English significantly.
  • Know the subtleties and habits of the Canadian people.
  • Living in a relaxed family atmosphere will quickly get used to.

There are many advantages that a person can gain when living in a shared residence with a Canadian family.

Food costs per capita in Canada:

In general, the cost of food is higher if the person will eat ready food and the cost of daily food will be between 12 to 15 dollars, but if the person will cook and eat at home, the cost will be reduced a lot and this is better.

Transportation costs per capita in Canada:

Since I am talking about students, the student should get a transportation subscription from his university and this contribution will reduce the amount of money paid by the student per month for transportation, but in case the person does not want to get this subscription can get a regular transportation subscription and this is worth 60 to 90 dollars Or a little more as a monthly subscription.

Those who wish to save themselves more money should stay away from the taxi and take public transport

List of some colleges and universities in Canada:

Now we come to the last stage of our conversation today, which I will put before you a list of some of Canada ‘s universitiesYou can get information about studying in Canada at these universities and information about university fees and admission.Some Canadian Universities

University of Queens:

It is one of the best and purest universities in Canada. It is located on the shore of the charming Lake Ontario, with its magnificent beauty. The size of this university is about one hundred and forty two acres.
It was founded in 1841 at the time was studying the origins of the Christian religion and also other sciences, but in 1864 was divided into several different faculties such as law, literature, medicine, science and some other colleges.
Queens University website

McGill University:

It covers an area of ​​about two hundred and seventy-five acres and was founded in 1821 that university with the slogan of the English language, while it is spoken in French, one of the world-famous universities.
According to its geographical location the University is located on the so-called Royal Mountain in the eastern slopes, and the number of students thirty-five thousand students.
This university is characterized by the largest size of its own library where the library contains five million volumes, and that university specializes in the faculties of medicine in general, dentistry, science, education and engineering in all its branches, music and architecture.
McGill University website

University of Manitoba:

It was established in 1977 and has a total area of ​​six hundred and eighty five acres and is considered one of the oldest universities in Canada and the number of students with thirty thousand students and contains a large number of colleges in various disciplines, including the faculties of law and literature, science and health rehabilitation, pharmacy and engineering with various sciences of agriculture, food and physical education also did not leave The University has areas of medicine such as the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Arts, Music, Social Work and Financial Management.
University of Manitoba website

McMaster University:

It was founded in 1898 and covers an area of ​​about 300 hectares, while the university building came on Canadian rituals is the oldest Canadian university.
Since its inception, it has ten thousand students at the university, and has a group of specialized colleges in the faculties of medical sciences, pure sciences, social sciences, engineering, medicine and business administration.
University website

University of British Columbia:

It was founded in 1908 and is one of the most important universities in Canada, where it ranks third in Canada and 49th in the world.
With 40,000 students, the University is a popular destination for students who want to study in Canada. It is one of the most beautiful universities in Canada, with its location overlooking the Pacific Ocean and its vast area of ​​1,000 acres.
The university has many faculties. It contains engineering faculties in all its branches, such as the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Social Work, the Faculty of Nursing, the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Arts and Music, the Faculty of Arts, the Faculty of Arts, Pure Sciences, Librarianship and Archiving
University of British Columbia website

University of Alberta:

Founded in 1908, it is one of the most prestigious universities of choice for many students. The university has about forty thousand students, with a total area of ​​about 89 hectares.
The University has many faculties such as the Faculty of Pharmacy, the Faculty of Nursing, the Engineering Colleges in all its branches and specialties, the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Home Economics, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Education and the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry.
University website

University of Toronto:

Founded in 1827 at the beginning of its reign, it was founded primarily by the King, and is the first university I consider in Northern Canada and includes many colleges such as medical, education, agriculture, engineering and pure sciences, where it has about a dozen colleges within it.
University of Toronto website

Simon Fraser University:

One of the most beautiful universities in Canada where it is named after the name of the trader contributed by the name, the university offers many advantages for the student at graduation such as courses and graduation programs.
The university has more than one campus where it contains three campuses, and the university contains thirty-two thousand students and there are nine hundred and fifty teachers.
Simon Fraser University website

University of Victoria:

If you look for study in Canada and choose among the universities of Canada, you would choose Victoria University because of the ancient and splendor of this university and the magnificence of buildings and luxury, one of the most beautiful universities in the world.
Many students from all countries come to the university and it is a public university despite all its advantages. Victoria University was founded in 1963.
Website of the University of Victoria

University of York:

Founded in 1959, the university includes many colleges and scientific research centers.It includes the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Fine Arts, the Faculty of Medicine, and a new College for Graduates.This college is really alien to the rest of the universities, as those who finish their faculties go to the College of Alumni to complete the rest of the study.
The College of Business, Science and other practical colleges also has 28 scientific research centers, which is a great option for those wishing to study in Canada.
University of York website

University of Waterloo:

Walga was founded in 1956 by The government is responsible for the Canadian government, which includes public schools before enrolling in universities, and has six different colleges such as science and the arts.
The website of the University of Waterloo

After this long article I hope that I have succeeded in the grace of God to put every small and large about studying in Canada, and anyone who has any query about the article can ask in the comments.


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