Obtain a Residence Permit in Sweden



Do you want to Obtain a Residence Permit in Sweden? So you must read this article as it explains the legal ways to obtain a residence permit through the Swedish Immigration Service, especially with the spread of a lot of information on Internet sites that publish false allegations and promises. There are several ways to obtain a residence permit in Sweden, which we will talk about here. I started reading Gothenburg is on the west coast, Sweden’s second-largest city after the capital, Stockholm.

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I will complete my studies in Sweden

If you intend to go to Sweden to study, then you must submit your application directly to the Migration Agency. If approved, you will receive a temporary residence card, which will be sent to the Swedish embassy in your country for receipt from there. This residence is your entry permit to Sweden.

The first step here is to have a letter of acceptance from the college or university where you will study in Sweden, in addition to the need for proof of your ability to bear the costs of studying and the cost of living, whether from your sources or from a party that guarantees that, then you can visit the Swedish Immigration Service website at Internet, and place your order online.

The Department of Immigration takes some time to study your application until it is approved, at which time you must visit the Swedish embassy in your country to take your photo and register your fingerprints, after which the temporary residence card will be submitted to the embassy within two weeks.

You can also submit your application through the Swedish embassies abroad, but submitting through the website of the Migration Agency reduces the time required to process the application significantly, especially if the application is complete the data is filled out and all the required documents are attached from the beginning. If you want to take family members with you, you can apply to them on the same request, and they will be granted temporary residency for the same length of stay that you will receive.

I want to work in Sweden

If you intend to work in Sweden, obtaining a work and residence permit is also through the Immigration Service and not through the embassy, ​​and if your application is approved, a temporary residence card will be sent to the Swedish embassy in your country or its representative.

The first step here is to obtain a job offer in Sweden, and the employer must agree to a set of conditions in order for the employment contract to comply with laws and regulations and qualify you to use the offer to apply for work residence. After that, you can visit the Immigration Authority website and submit your application online.

The Migration Agency takes some time to study your application, which may range from one or two months to more than a year, and when your application is approved you can visit the Swedish embassy in your country to take your photo and take your fingerprints, and the residence card usually arrives at the Swedish embassy in your country.You can also apply for family members with you when applying for work residency, and they will be granted temporary residence permits for the same period that you will obtain.

I want to start a company in Sweden

If you intend to start a company in Sweden, your way will be through the Immigration Service as well. Although you intend to set up a company, then you will be treated as a self-employed worker and you will be granted a temporary residence permit accordingly. Note that you will not be able to enter Sweden until you are granted a residence permit.

As a freelancer, you are also not permitted to employ any other employer. One of the requirements is that you have a good business plan for your project, and your project must have a direct relationship with Sweden, such as if your clients are in Sweden, or your employee or product is from Sweden, or both. Submission of the application shall be through the website of the Migration Agency, by submitting a set of related papers and documents, such as what proves your expertise in your field of work, and submitting a business plan that proves your company’s future ability to achieve sufficient profit to support you and your family. It must also accompany it to prove your financial ability to finance your company.

Also, you must have a balance covering your and your family’s expenses for at least two years. The Immigration Department takes time to study the application, ranging from two months to about 10 months, and when your application is approved you can visit the embassy to take your photo and take your fingerprints. The residence card usually arrives at the embassy. It is also possible to apply to your family members while submitting your application, to obtain temporary residency for the same period of your stay.

I want to relocate to a relative in Sweden

To transfer to one of your first-degree relatives in Sweden or if you are associated with a person who has Swedish citizenship and is registered in Sweden, you can apply for a residence permit if the required conditions are met.

The first step is to apply electronically through the website of the Migration Agency, and you will be asked to provide a set of documents proving your association with the person who lives in Sweden, such as the marriage contract, example, and you must also provide information about the person who lives in Sweden as his national number and official address. The person you are moving to in Sweden must also be able to support both of you.

He/she must have a house of sufficient size and suitable for both of you to live in when moving to Sweden. The Immigration Service will then study the application, often including meeting with you at the Swedish embassy building in your country one or more times. In the event of approval, you will be granted a temporary residence permit, which you will receive from the embassy building in your country. If you have children outside Sweden, they can be included in the same treatment, so everyone can get temporary residency.

Important note: 

Most of the transactions can be made through Swedish embassies abroad, but submitting through the website of the Migration Agency reduces the time required to process your application significantly, especially if the application is complete the data is filled and all the required documents are attached from the beginning.


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