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When we talked in previous articles about immigration to Canada and the unjust conditions that demand it, or to some extent it was the preserve of some of them except for a few of them who hold high degrees and studies or professional experiences in specific and limited fields of some kind. Today, specifically, we will show the issue of immigration to Morden 2020 exactly for those who have professions, crafts and simple industry and who have professional experience in it and some simple and smooth conditions that you must have that are mentioned in our topic.

1- Introducing the Canadian city of Morden:
Known as the small Canadian city of Morden located in the state of Manitoba, it has a population of approximately 9,000 inhabitants located in the far south near the border with the states. The city is known for the charm of the rural beauty that brought together history and the future. The city attracts thousands of tourists annually due to the presence of fossils that reached 80 million people, and this made it a tourist place with distinction.

The beauty of the Canadian city is further enhanced by its morden nature, full of charming landscapes of lakes, open fields and flowing rivers.

Morden suffers from a tremendous lack of population, with a population of only 9,000. This matter affected its economy and its development index. This is why the city of Morden searches for migrants every year to cover the specialization you know in the professional sectors.

2- How to migrate to Morden 2019:
If you want to immigrate to Canada and work in the Canadian city of Morden, you must first of all hold the specific practical professions, and these professions are the most sought after in the Canadian city of Morden and their owners are given priority. This does not exclude the rest of the other professions not required in immigration, but the importance remains for the owners of the required professions which are as follows:

The occupations that are given priority in Canada are exactly the Canadian city of Morden 2019: carpenter – welding – chef or cook – dye – plumber (plumber) – factory workers – breeder (children) nursery – restaurant waiter – head of the construction unit (chafe chantier) – Decorative painter. Priority is given more to welding, carpenter, cooker and plumber.

3- Conditions required for immigration to Morden 2019:
You are not required to obtain a pre-employment contract or to have family and friends in order to be able to migrate to Morden. It is sufficient just to meet the following conditions, which are easy compared to the other conditions of immigration, as follows:
You must be between 21 and 45 years old.
– To have a baccalaureate or baccalaureate level (Nifu Pak) or to have a vocational training diploma for a period of at least one year.
Have two years of full-time work experience in the past 5 years.
You must have the financial ability to spend on yourself and at least the first few months.
– To have an English language degree of at least 5 in IELD which is less than the required grades for other programs.
To give up any other immigration program to Canada.
– Not to be related to a place, have relatives, or have never studied or visited a place in Canada to ensure that you will not leave Morden to another Canadian destination.

How to fill out Canadian immigration form:
If you meet all of the above conditions, you will have to fill in the form in English and all the information provided must be correct. To download the immigration form, please go here:

The documents required of you are:
– A copy of a passport that is valid for a period of no less than a year.
– A copy of the certificate of passing the ALITS language exam.
CV in English.
– A copy of the certificate of professional experience.
– A copy of the academic level or a vocational training diploma.
– A bank account statement, and you must be provided with 10 thousand dollars per person + 2000 dollars per person if the family is with you.
Collect the file and add to it the form and send to the e-mail
[email protected]

What is required of you after applying for immigration to Canada:
If you meet all the above mentioned conditions and you qualify for this, you will receive a letter of claim from the Morden authorities where you can travel to Canada, get to know the city of Morden and complete some procedures related to living in it.

Then you will be interviewed by the immigration officer who will see if you qualify for this and to move and live in Morden. In the event that everything is done for the good of the immigration officer, he will present you with a message stating that you are able to live and work in Canada. After all this, you will return to your country and apply for the immigration program in the state of Manitoba. Your application will be accepted 100%.


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