The World’s 7 Richest Boxers 2021


1. Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali is a name which echoes in every boxing hall of fame. His is a name that has transcended boxing and is known worldwide. At age 22 he copped his first professional boxing title only to have it stripped when he refused to be conscripted for the US-Vietnam war.

The #1 “Greatest” Lesson I Ever Learned from Muhammad Ali | by Timothy  Paulson | Noteworthy - The Journal Blog

His personality, charisma and self confidence alone were enough to have opponents shaking in their boots before they’d even set foot in the ring. He used his fame and prowess to be a vocal social activist causing him to be both loved and hated during his career. Nicknamed “The Greatest”, at the time e if his death, Ali was estimated to be worth a whopping $80 million USD.


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