The Top 8 Happiest Dog Breeds In The World That Will Make Your Life Better


Adopting a dog is an occurrence that is quite special and memorable. We often try to find all the characteristics we could wish for in a dog before making our choice, for these furry creatures will accompany us every step of the way. There are several dog breeds that are quite suitable for everyone. Nevertheless, there are those that are more often than not compatible with only a select few. As such, when choosing a dog, one has to research their breed of choice very thoroughly to acquaint themselves with its traits, both physical and psychological alike. One has to be aware of their future dog’s potential size, life expectancy, temper, energy levels, shedding, friendliness, and the list goes on.

Pugs as pets condemned because of health issues linked to 'extreme body  shape' | UK News | Sky News


There are some dogs that growl and grumble and seem generally miserable. These are not those dogs. On the contrary, these pups are so happy you can practically hear them smiling. Whether they’re cuddling in your lap, leaping up and down the second you walk in the door, or the mere sound of your voice is enough to make their tails wag in that upbeat way, they know how to make it known just how much you are loved.

And let’s be serious. No one can resist a happy dog. Because not only are they a delight but they spread that joy to all around them. Here are some of the happiest dog breeds in the world that you need in your life.

The happy, loving dogs are glad to see me. After years of seeing dogs come in for an exam, these are the breeds I am most likely to walk up to and start an exam on without having a good tech holding on. The top-rated article on Google lists the German Shepherd dog as the second friendliest breed. I have to disagree. Shepherds are rarely as snappy as Doxies, but there are a lot of other dogs I would put on my list above the GSD. Here are a few.

Number 3 will shock you!

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