The strongest Exercises to Build Arm Muscle Growth

1. Pull Ups

Unlike chin-ups which focus more on your biceps, the infamous pull up recruits more of your triceps muscles in order to perform the exercise successfully. Like the chin-up, they are a compound exercise and are fantastic at helping your arms, back, and core develop. While the majority of people will get a great tricep workout doing normal pullups, you can even challenge yourself further by putting your hands closer together resulting in greater tricep activation. Like the chin-up all you need is a pull-up bar or any overhead bar that can safely support your weight.

How To: Reach up and grab the bar with your arms around shoulder width apart and palms facing outward also known as an overhand grip. Start by hanging from the bar with your arms extended in a neutral position. Keeping your core tight, use your arms to lift yourself up until your chin and head reach above the bar. Pause for a second when you reach the top of the exercise and then reverse the movement to slowly lower yourself back to full extension. Be sure to lower your body in a controlled fashion to maintain good form. Repeat for the following reps. It is important to note that you should refrain from using momentum or kick your legs while trying to get over the bar. This is bad form and will end up working different muscles that you aren’t trying to focus on.

Reps: 4 – 6

Sets: 4 – 5

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