The Mediterranean Diet a Healthy Eating Plan


The Mediterranean Diet a Healthy Eating Plan
The Mediterranean diet is a way of eating based on the eating patterns of countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

the Mediterranean diet is a healthy eating plan that focuses on improving heart health and preventing chronic disease while there is no single definition of the Mediterranean diet that is typically high in vegetables fruits whole grains beans nuts and seeds a traditional Mediterranean diet along with physical activity can reduce your risk for many health problems this dye can help prevent heart disease and strokes can protect against type 2 diabetes and reduce the risk of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease the typical foods are eaten on a Mediterranean diet includes whole grains like whole-grain bread pasta and rice people following this diet usually consume fish as their main source of protein many fruits and vegetable nuts and seeds like almonds cashews walnuts and pumpkin seeds this diet emphasizes healthy fats so many include olive oil olives and avocados in their everyday meals the Mediterranean diet does not include saturated and trans fats such as butter fried foods fatty cuts of meat and some cheeses these facts are seen to increase your risk of heart disease instead of the Mediterranean diet focuses on consuming unsaturated fats consuming unsaturated or healthy fats can have many positive effects on the body it can help lower your overall cholesterol and support heart health the Mediterranean diet is plant-focused and meals are often planned around the vegetable or grain and supplemented with proteins vegetables and whole grains are high in fiber which can help with regular digestion lowering cholesterol maintaining normal blood sugar levels and aids and achieving a healthy weight.


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