The best 28 Adorable Cat Breeds Who Love To Cuddle


Despite popular belief, there are affectionate breeds of cats for those who are looking for a very sweet, cuddly lap cat! Ragdoll cats, for example, can’t get enough of being petted, and Scottish folds are happy, affectionate, and want nothing more than to be near their owners.

Read on to discover other cat breeds that are even more affectionate!

1- American Shorthair cats enjoy the company of humans

The American Shorthair is an adorable family cat that enjoys attention. “The American Shorthair is another breed that is easygoing and good in an active household,” says Teresa Keiger, a judge at the Cat Fanciers Association.

2- Burmese form strong bonds with their owners.

Burmese cats, also identified as the “sacred cat of Burma,” are not only beautiful with their white and gray coats and blue eyes, but they also make excellent companions.

This type of cat seems to have a strong bond with its owner and likes to lie on his lap to receive all the affection and care it can get.

3 – American Bobtails are peaceful

The American bobtail, a mid-sized cat, is a remarkably rare breed, but those who own one are pampered. This breed is calm, peaceful, and affectionate. They have no problem expressing affection to their humans, especially when it comes to snuggling together and cuddling.

This breed loves to play with toys and is not afraid to be led around on a leash.

4- Abyssinians are known as the clowns of the cat world

The Abyssinian, who is extremely affectionate and attached to their humans, tends to become a “ghost cat” once they become attached to its owners.

When they are not paying and acting like the “clowns of the cat world”, they will be at their humans’ side or on their laps, doing what they do best: getting love, attention, and care from their owners.

8- Bombay Cats love to cuddle

Bombay cats, with their big, inquisitive eyes, are fun and affectionate companions to have around the house. They want to play all day, then curl up in their owner’s lap to be loved and cuddled.

They also don’t mind jumping on their owners’ laps to get their attention!

9- Exotic Shorthairs gently demand attention

The Exotic Shorthair is the perfect breed for someone looking for a trusted companion. They are gentle and affectionate, calm, and incredibly adorable. They love spending time with their humans, whether it’s sitting on the couch watching a movie or in the kitchen watching dinner being prepared.

My favorite aspect is that this breed doesn’t ask; instead, they quietly and calmly ask for attention.

10- The Russian Blues are timid at first, but they get close to you quickly.

Russian Blues can be timid when first introduced to a new household. This breed is playful and affectionate once they open up and feel comfortable in their environment.

This breed develops a strong emotional bond with a person in their life and becomes adept at showing their emotions.

11- Maine Coons are rather large but solid

Maine Coons are the largest domestic breed, reaching 48 inches in length and weighing 18 pounds! However, the size of this breed shouldn’t stop people from adopting one, as it is also one of the friendliest cats around.

The Maine Coon, also known as the “gentle giant,” is affectionate and playful. We’ve even seen them playing ball and walking on a leash!

12 – The Tonkinese has a lot of power

The Tonkinese is one of the most affectionate cat breeds, as it is a mix of two very affectionate breeds, the Siamese and the Burmese.

The Tonkinese is a dynamic and fun breed, with high energy and an outgoing, social personality that is very similar to a dog. Their brilliance is the cherry on top of this wonderful dessert.

13- Ragdolls love to cuddle

Ragdolls are so named because they love to roll around in people’s hands to get scratched behind their ears, rub their bellies, or have their heads petted, which is their favorite thing in the world.

The Ragdoll is a large, extremely gentle domestic breed that loves other animals and children, making it an excellent family pet.

5- Scottish Folds are sociable felines.

Scottish Folds, known for their floppy-eared owl-like appearance, are one of the most caring and affectionate breeds around. Scottish folds are very social creatures that enjoy nothing more than being around their people, sleeping on their backs, and having their bellies rubbed.

Although this breed is very interactive, they have a stubborn attitude!

6- Siamese cats are very energetic

Siamese cats originated in Thailand, but they have since become one of the most popular breeds in North America and Europe. And it’s easy to see why.

Siamese cats, with their triangular head and blue eyes, are extremely cheerful, and social and don’t hesitate to use their voice to get what they want!

7- Persians are perfect lounge cats

The Persian is a perfect indoor cat for anyone looking for a lazy indoor cat. This feline is incredibly affectionate and would happily spend all day snuggling in its owner’s lap to fall asleep.

Persians, also known for their calm and gentle nature, are one of the most caring and affectionate breeds that would make a great addition to any home.

14- Domestic shorthair cats are some of the sweetest cats around

Domestic shorthair cats, also known as “mongrels”, are not classified by breed. They are usually mixed breeds and are found in shelters. However, this should not discourage people from considering domestic shorthairs for their families.

They are some of the cutest and most affectionate cats you will ever meet, creating strong bonds with the family that rescues them.

15 – The Singapura cat wants human contact

The Singapura cat, with its big eyes and ears, is not only cute but also very affectionate. Above all, it craves the company of humans. According to the Cat Fanciers’ Association, the Singaporean is “active, inquisitive and play-loving, and loves dog-like games, such as playing with a ball”.
They also like to perch above everything, observe the surroundings and keep an eye on their master.

16- Burmese are very social and fun-loving.

The Burmese cat originated in Burma but has since spread to the United States and Europe. The Burmese breed was originally dark brown but has since been bred in a wide range of colors, depending on the location of the breeder.

However, they all share the same affectionate, social and fun-loving attitude.

17- Siberians love the company of humans.

Because of the amount of kindness they show to their owners, Siberians are considered dogs. It is almost certain that they will follow their owners around the house like their shadows.

This breed is one of the best family pets because it is affectionate, intelligent, and in great need of attention and care from its owner.

18- Korats form close relationships with humans

Korats, also known as “lucky cats”, were once only given as gifts. And what a thoughtful gift they were, as the breed develops deep relationships with its owners and is a very caring and affectionate breed.

Their heart-shaped head is very indicative of their affectionate personality. They are also an intelligent breed with a great memory.

19 – Ragamuffins are extremely confident.

The Ragamuffin, a cousin of the affectionate Ragdoll, is equally affectionate and caring. Although it can have a piercing and threatening gaze, the Ragamuffin is probably just curious as to why its owner doesn’t pay much attention to it.

Cute and peaceful, this breed is very trusting and fits well into a family setting.

20 – Bengal cats are caring and enthusiastic

Bengal cats, which look like little leopards, are descended from larger breeds and are extremely energetic. But this playful attitude is fantastic for being a family cat, as they love to play with their humans.

When not playing, they need to be in the same area near their humans.

21- The Cornish Rex is an excellent therapy cat.

Cornish Rexes never seem to get enough care! They love to have everyone’s attention as they play, jump, purr and even fetch! This breed is known to make excellent therapy cats as they love their people and are only too happy to please them.

This includes crawling under the covers and cuddling when the mood strikes!

22- Pixie-Bobs love to be in the same space as their owners.

Pixie-Bobs are an adventurous and caring breed of cat reminiscent of bobcats. Pixie-Bobs are social with humans and strangers alike, making them a great addition to any home.

They love to be in the same space as their owners, whether they’re playing with toys or just relaxing on the couch getting their heads petted.

23- Chartreux cats are very calm and adorable

The Chartreux cat is ready to become the best friend of a lucky family. They are extremely polite cats, which is an oxymoron when it comes to this special animal.

The Chartreux is a calm and docile breed that prefers to spend time with its humans and play.

24 – Peterbald is “constantly attentive and affectionate”.

The Peterbald is a medium-haired cat breed that likes to be touched. According to the International Cat Association, this breed can be “consistently gentle and affectionate” towards its humans.

So if you are considering getting a Peterbald, be prepared for lots of cuddling, snuggling, playing, and petting, as this breed is very intelligent and will scratch and meow until shown love and attention in return.

25- Devon Rex cats enjoy plenty of cuddles

The Devon Rex breed ranks as the top dog-like cat. They love to play, perch on someone’s shoulder while they work, and even follow their master around the house so they’re always visible.

When playtime is over, all you have to do is pet them!

26- The Egyptian Mau has a cheerful attitude

The Egyptian Mau, a medium-sized cat breed, is a rare and unique breed. Nevertheless, they are pretty awesome. The Maus is a very playful breed that likes to play with toys with its owner.

The pleasant behavior of the Egyptian Maus allows people to train them on a leash, which makes them excellent travel companions forever.

27- American Wirehaired Cats make excellent lapdogs.

American Wirehaired Cats, like their American Shorthair family members, are a caring and affectionate breed that loves to be around people. They are one of the best pet breeds for cat lovers!

When it comes to playing, they are known to be quite gentle and calm, while still packing a good punch.

28- The Sphynx has a dog-like behavior

Although the Sphynx is not for everyone, it is an affectionate, intelligent and curious type of cat. A hairless cat, the Sphynx likes to snuggle in its owner’s lap for warmth.

It also has dog-like characteristics, such as being friendly with strangers, loving to play, and often choosing to be with its owner’s family.


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