Rare Photos From The Vietnam War Brought To Life With Color


Rare Photos From The Vietnam War Brought To Life With Color


The Vietnam War was one that changed the landscape of North America, and the entire rest of the world with it. In 20 years, some of the most iconic moments in history took place, and we were lucky enough to encapsulate some of those transforming seconds in the form of photographs.

Doughnuts, Daisies, and Delightful Derrieres

donut dollies vietnam

The Red Cross was a huge part of the Vietnam War, mostly made up of volunteers in every facility you can think of. And it wasn’t just mainly medical aid the Red Cross offered. They had a specifically popular program in which Red Cross Girls dressed in their old-school nurse uniforms would hand deliver doughnuts, among a variety of sweets and treats, to soldiers on the front lines, along with entertainment and just overall morale-boosting socialization during such an otherwise dark and deadly time.

Just a Little Snuggle

Vietnam War Snakes 3

Vietnam boasts a lot of snakes, with most of them touting the terrifying title of being deadly and venomous. One of the deadliest kinds, however, doesn’t pack a toxic bite, but rather a breath-defying type of embrace. This longest snake in the world, known fondly as the reticulated python, is a snake that isn’t just huge, but loves a big ol’ hug—one that will literally squeeze the life out of the hug-ee in mere moments.

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