Obtain Residence Papers in Finland


Finland calls is from respondent papers and residence without marriage and without cwork residence in Finland
If you are one of the people who reside in Finland illegally and you cannot obtain residence papers and you cannot obtain an employment contract that helps you settle your legal status, we will suggest a legal way for you that most immigrants do not know through which you can obtain residence in Finland as soon as possible

Therefore, we invite you, dear reader, to read this article to the end so that you can benefit from it and benefit people who may be in need of it

How to obtain residence papers in Finland

In Finland there is a legal relationship between men and women called AvoliitoThis relationship is somewhat similar to marriage, but marriage laws do not apply to iHowever, its aim is to frame the relationship between men and women and take advantage of several advantages found in marriage, but without obligationsBefore we go into the topic, we remind some esteemed readers that this topic was not intended to write in it, because we already know that there will be more gossip, halal and haram, and we are trying to be far from religious topics, because that is not our specialtyBut due to the many questions from our followers, especially those who are in Finland without residency papers, we had to present this issue, because it will actually help many young people find a solution to their illegal status
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What is Avoliito

Avoliito or open marriage (to say customary marriage) is a codified partnership relationship that combines a man and a woman and who live together in one house as if they were married, but the laws of marriage do not apply to them. For exampleThe coexisting partners do not have the obligation to provide for each othThe two coexisting partners do not inherit each otherIn the event of the death of the man or woman, the widower cannot benefit from the widow’s   widow’s retirementThe two cohabiting partners cannot hold each other’s surnameTerminating the relationship has no legal consequences such as divorceWhat will the immigrant benefit from by entering into this relationshipAn immigrant who is in the Finnish lands illegally can use this method to regularize his legal status and take advantage of some of the privileges provided by the Avoliito relationship without a marriage contract

  • Benefit from social assistance
  • Benefit from housing allowance
  • Obtaining a residence card in Finland
  • The right to work

A person who has entered into an Avoliito relationship with a Finnish girl even outside Finland can
benefit from family reunification and obtain residency in FinlandCost of living in Finland .. Here is all the information regarding the basic cost of living in FinlandWhen can an immigrant obtain residence in Finland through an Avoliito relationshipIf the foreign partner is able to prove that he has lived with the Finnish partner for a period of two years, he can proceed with the procedures for requesting residence papersTo prove this, it must provide evidence of co-existence, such asJoint residential certificateOr the water, electricity and telephone payment bills registered in their names for the year 2018 and 2019, for exampleOr, the rental, registered with their names, arrived togetherOr pictures and videos documenting different moments during these two yearsAnything that proves that the two partners lived together for a period of not less than two yearsIn the event that the Finnish partner is a citizen with Finnish citizenship, he does not have to prove sufficient means of subsistenceHowever, if the Finnish partner only has permanent residence in Finland, he will be obligated to prove the means of subsistence outside the social assistance he receivesFinally, the Finnish authorities have the right to decide on the possibility of granting a residence permit after studying each case separately

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