Best Cardio Exercises To Do At Home


Clipart de Jumping Jack gratuits en AI, SVG, EPS ou PSD

Jumping jacks is the most effective, easy, and high-intensity workout you can do at home without any equipment. This is a ply metric exercise that intends a person to run, jump faster, stretching, and contracting the muscles fast. Jumping jacks is also known as star jumps, in this exercise you have to take a big jump on every rep. when you take jump then you take a position with spread legs wide and your hands must be clap going upward to the head and returning with the feet together and arms at the sides. This is your full-body movement workout, every single muscle is engaged with this and helps to raise your heart rate up.

Specially, it targets these muscles

•             GLUETUES

•             QUADS

•             HIP FLEXORS

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