5 Surprising Side Effects Of Wearing Socks While Sleeping


We all have our own preferences and a worldwide divide is formed between people who sleep with the london sock company and their hot sox on and those who are strictly bare-footed when it comes to night time! The public could argue until they’re blue in the face about this lifestyle choice, but the final decision always boils down to personal preference – until now.

There are in fact scientific side effects to wearing your invisasox socks while sleeping, which may be the reason behind many people opting for the london sock company when sleeping as opposed to enjoying the way they feel.

For years, we may have been unable to understand why some would restrict themselves to wearing richer poorer the london socks company to bed until scientific research provided the true benefits behind wearing your mona lisa socks to bed – it may shock you!

Getting Cold Feet?

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Before we dive in, let’s not forget the obvious reason why someone might want to wear comrad socks to bed – cold feet at night.

If you often find yourself questioning “why are my feet always cold in bed?”, it could be due to poor circulation of the extremities. Exercise, stopping smoking and managing your stress levels are all ways to improve blood circulation. Or, you know, just continue wearing merrell socks and bombas socks kids to bed!

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