These are the Best Foods For Improved Sleep


Eating and sleeping are two of the greatest pleasures in life, but it’s sad to say that the two don’t usually go well together (I still need to work on my sleep-eating skills.)

Most people will tell you that eating before bed is a bad idea, as it will speed up your body in order to digest the food you have just eaten. This much is true, but only if you eat a very large meal.

A big meal can make you feel sleepy (which is caused by insulin production and not actual tiredness), but it can keep you up a lot longer because your body has to work hard to digest what you’ve just eaten.

However, you can choose the right foods that can make you sleep like a baby!

Tips for Night Eating

If you’re going to eat at night:

  • Keep it under 500 calories – more than that will get your body working too hard to allow you to sleep easy.
  • Avoid spicy foods – they can cause heartburn.
  • Stay away from caffeine – this one needs no explanation.
  • Drink some water – it will help you to fill up, and will stop you from eating too much. Just make sure to use the bathroom before you hit the sheets!

Fun Fact: A bedtime snack that is high in carbs can actually be the best to help you sleep. Carbs from fruit, toast and jam, or crackers will cause your body to produce serotonin, which is the “feel good” chemical that helps you to fall asleep at night.



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