Flat Stomach in 15 Days 8 Fat-Blasting Exercises


Flat Stomach in 15 Days 8 Fat-Blasting Exercises, Each of us dreams of having a toned belly, wearing open dresses, and feeling confident. First of all, the appearance depends on the food culture. Healthy and properly cooked food, plenty of clean water, and a slight calorie deficit are the main secrets to being lean. Regular exercise helps you burn stored fat faster. 

Below you’ll find a list of great abs exercises, pick a few of these to create your own flat stomach workout. Remember, you should mix up these exercises regularly to keep challenging your body and continue progressing:

For this exercise you will need a Swiss ball. To begin, kneel down with your feet resting on the floor and lean with your forearms on the Swiss ball. Use your forearms to roll the ball in a circular stirring motion while keeping the rest of your body stable. The uneven surface of the Swiss ball makes this exercise good for your core fitness and stability too. Once you feel like you have mastered the technique, try making larger circles with the ball or complete the movement with only your feet resting on the floor. 

This abs exercise will effectively work your internal and external obliques alongside other key abs muscles.

Classic plank

6 More Ways to Plank Yourself to Health — fitness is medicine

To complete this exercise lie flat on your stomach and place your forearms on the floor. Then, press down with your forearms and push your self up – using your toes as support – until your head, neck, back and legs are all in a straight line.

This is an excellent flat stomach exercise because it strengthens your inner core muscles, upper and lower abdominal muscles and burns more calories in comparison to other abs exercises, such as sit ups. This is because to do the plank you have to engage the muscles in your legs, arms and back too. 

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