Your Position For Sleep Reveals a Lot of Things About Your Personality


We all have a preferred sleeping position, one that helps us fall asleep quickly and feel comfortable. However, did you know that there is a link between sleep positions and personality traits?

Although it may seem odd ( home sleep study ), our sleeping positions can say a lot about our personality. While some people will prefer to sleep on their backs with their arms crossed on their stomachs, others will feel better when sleeping on their side or their stomachs. Here is what each sleeping position, especially of the woman, reveals about her and her personality.

We spend almost a third of our lives sleeping. According to home sleep study , at the age of 60, everyone will have spent nearly 20 years sleeping, and each period of our life is distinguished by a sleeping position. For a good night’s sleep, we have one or more favorite spots that reflect our state of mind and our personality. These positions are like body language that displays aspects of us. Through this article, determine your preferred location, and find out what it reveals about you. go to the next page to continue reading.

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