What is intermittent fasting? How can it help your health?


intermittent fasting
Trying to change your eating habits as part of your new year’s resolution we talked to a nutritionist who says intermittent fasting is the way to go both for your physical and your mental health basically, intermittent fasting tells you when to eat not what to eat so people love it because it kind of gives you freedom of eating it’s basically short repetitive fast over time so it’s not a long term fast the most popular kind of intermittent fasting would be the 16-8 so you fast for 16 hours and you put all your food into an eight-hour window so that’s kind of eating window fasting and you do that every single day so the health benefits I can even tell you how many there are of course, there’s weight loss there it’s anti-aging it lowers your inflammation it it helps boost your metabolic rate I mean I could go on I could go on for quite a long time you kind of train your body to adjust to it’s really truly amazing you can drink a lot of beverages I recommend no-calorie beverages calorie freeze so a lot of water a lot of coffee and it’s a learning experience it’s not a sprint it’s a marathon it takes time and uh but you get over it and people learn that you know hunger is just it’s just a sensation and it tends to wane with time.

Dr Janna is so passionate about intermittent fasting she even wrote a book about it called intermittent fasting for dummies she says if you want to give it a try but 16 hours sounds like a long time to go without eating, she says you can start with a smaller fasting window she also wants to stress that if you have any diagnosed illnesses or eating disorders you shouldn’t do this diet and she says it’s also not a diet for kids.


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