The Impact of Eating 3 Dates Daily for a Week on Your Body


The Impact of Eating 3 Dates Daily for a Week on Your Body It is not considered that dates are a superfood. But, Dates have many health benefits for our bodies. It is necessary to eat dates from time to time to get the benefits of the dates. Dates have sweet and good taste which encourages us to eat dates all the time. You should know that your body will thank you if you eat dates. For me, I love eating dates because it has a delicious taste and a lot of benefits for my health.

Dates are the best thing you can eat to be far away from a lot of diseases. We will tell you the most benefits of eating dates. We want you to eat dates and include it in your diet.

8- Your bone health will improve:

Julie Garden-Robinson, Ph.D., a North Dakota State University professor did a research and she proves that dates contain boron. Boron has a big importance in our body which helps in promoting healthy bones. Other studies show that minerals like phosphorus, potassium, calcium, and magnesium, which are existed in dried fruits. It helps to strengthen our bones and fight diseases like osteoporosis. You should know that dates will help you to improve your bones.



7- Your digestive health will improve:

Studies show that dates are full of fiber and our digestive system requires fiber to operate correctly. Eating fiber helps to prevent constipation and promotes regular bowel movements. The British Journal of Nutrition published a study which shows that people who eat dates from time to time have better working digestive system than those who don’t eat dates.



6- They help you battle stress and depression:

Eating dates help you to battle stress and depression because dates contain Vitamin B6, which can help the body create serotonin and norepinephrine and help us to improve our brain health. Serotonin can regulate our mood, while norepinephrine can battle and defeat stress. This study illustrates that low levels of B6 are associated with depression. When we eat foods that contain Vitamin B6, this will make us feel better not only physically, but mentally too.


5- They give you a significant energy boost:

when you eat dates, you feel that you have a significant energy boost because dates are rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamins, and antioxidants which is considered a perfect snack and dates also will provide you with great power thanks to sugars like fructose and glucose.

According to this study dates don’t just boost your energy, but also dates will help you to regain your power quickly because it is a good thing like practicing sports.


4- They can prevent heart diseases:

This study concluded that dates can reduce triglyceride levels and decrease oxidative stress. The triglyceride levels are risk factors for heart disease and atherogenesis.

Dates are a rich source of potassium, which helps to lower the blood pressure for us and reduces the risk of stroke, and the other heart-related diseases. Dates are the best type food that can easily prevent heart diseases that can happen to us.


3- Dates reduce the risk of colon cancer:

Dates protect us from serious diseases like colon cancer. Dates also protect our digestive system and gut from harmful bacteria which reducing the risk of it spreading to the colon. The Department of Food and Nutritional Sciences did a study and find that people who always eat dates increase the growth of the good kind of bacteria which protects us from the growth of cancer cells in our colon.


2- Dates relieve symptoms of seasonal allergies:

When you eat dates, this means that you protect yourself from Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis affects. When you eat dates, you should be happy because there are more than 30 million people in the United States alone suffered from Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis affects. Dates will keep you far away from getting Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis. There is another study shows that palm tree is so effective on reducing the several markers of inflammation in patients with SAR.


1- Dates aid you to lose weight:

Dates will help you lose some of your weight because dates have fiber and fiber will feel you full for a long period of the time. Dates prevent spikes in blood glucose.

You should know that dates contain antioxidants like anthocyanins, phenolics, and carotenoids. They can help us to get rid of toxins, boost digestion, and increase metabolism, which lead to weight loss.

Dates have a great importance in our life. We cannot live without its benefits. You will live a healthy life by eating 3 dates every day for a week.


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